Spontaneous Brilliance

When there's nothing left to burn
you have to set yourself on fire

After almost 2 years of not making any films, I finally get the rhythm to actually make one. 

People would think that painting is a lot different from photography or filmmaking. Painting involves a lot of creating on your own with colors and brushes on the canvas. Some would see that photography or filmmaking is just about manual and technical controls and focused on the output. I see it in a different way.

The first lesson I learned in filmmaking is Mise En Scene. French for “to put into scene”. It’s putting into the scene the subject, the environment, the actors, the dialogue, the audio, the story, the movement, the emotion. The frame is my canvas and putting any of these into the scene is similar to putting a tinge of red and strokes of mixed colors. What I love about filmmaking is how successive frames/shots form a rhythm of a story to be heard, watched, and discovered. 

I’m really happy I’m back into this again and hopefully I make more with my new camera.

  1. ericapela said: amazing, kev!!! and i love your reflection on filmmaking!
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